Racists, Social Media, and Trump

Why speak about this topic? Hasn’t it been discussed ad nauseam like some warped disco record your grandfather keeps playing even though you insist on buying him the collected edition on iTunes? Well, I can respond with one simple word… Trump. THAT is why I must speak. Love him or hate him, he’s a pulverizing figure that stirs up the cookie jar, leaving many people (myself included) to wonder just how he did it. How in the HELL did this rich, old-fashioned, presumably racist and sexist, shrewd businessman become the President of the United States? Why does it seem like we are going backwards? My theory… Social Media.

Let it sink in for a moment. Good. Now let’s take a stroll into the past shall we? From what I have experienced and studied, somewhere within the social construct of 1990’s America, racism became the worst of insults. (*Not that being called a racist was a term of endearment in the 60’s or even in the 80’s, but I honestly don’t think anybody gave a shit.*) That being said, racists were still kinda tucked away within society in the 90’s. There were no real national public displays of individual racists (minus a Rodney King case, some Neo-Nazi bullshit, maybe a little bit of the triple K sprinkled in there, or a deeply apologetic CEO that was caught doing some racist act). In other words, Joe Schmoe’s racist shit was hidden within the confines of his community. On the other end of the spectrum, some not so racist, more sensitive white Americans fell silent. Fear of black violence or public ridicule kept them in the dark (pun intended). Meanwhile, some (key word SOME not all) black Americans would raise the “black card” and let it be known that white America was unjust. This gave them some power in voice but made the situation perpetually worse. It created the walking on eggshells effect where anything said could be interpreted as racist.

Now, let’s fast forward to present day for a moment. Though the world has become more socially conscious, the same level of racism I explained earlier still exists today. So why does it feel so different? Because those same White Americans who bit their tongues in the 90’s, no longer want to be silenced. Why the sudden change?

In the late 2000’s, we had the sonic boom of technology as we all know. Facebook, Twitter, and then YouTube swooped in like a hurricane, becoming part of our social consciousness. A lot of it was great. It brought people from the around the world together. Social Media gave a new wave of sharing information and even advocated social acceptance to some extent. However, it also provided everyone with a voice… the good, the bad, and the ugly. And now anyone, from the intelligent to the ignorant, can speak. With ignorance brings the whole shebang of racist garbage. Now the ones who were once silenced can be recorded, hidden behind their user name and an IP address. And the racist retards I spoke of earlier who were hidden within their community can now be seen by anyone at anytime. So where does Trump come into play?

“President Trump represents a sliver of our Social Media Identity.” – Me

In closing…

Wake up, America! We haven’t digressed or went backwards in time. Those same bigots and racists were always there, trolling in the trenches. Face it, we all love to hate each other! That’s what America is all about really… self-fulfillment, self-entitlement, and to hell with everybody else that “I” don’t care about. ‘Mercia.

I say it’s time. Let the real purge begin. Please, let it all hang out, every last bit of it. Let’s stop wasting time, unite as one, and truly be great again. Fuck Racism!



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