Three Rules the NBA MUST Change

1.)  Traveling. It’s an epidemic in the NBA. It’s has gotten to a point that even the Golden State Warrior’s Head Coach, Steve Kerr, has complained about it. There are times when a player literally carries the ball like a goddamn NFL running back, sprinting down the lane towards the hoop. Stop the madness!

  • Suggestion: Actually blow the freakin’ whistle when the player travels.

2.)  The Opening Tip Off. What purpose does the opening tip really serve? Tell me. Is there a distinct advantage if you get the ball first? In a game where the average point totals reach 100+ per team, what does that opening possession give you? Notta. Change it.

  • Suggestion: Either get rid of it or give an incentive. Make it beneficial to the team who won the opening tip. Give them an extra possession either at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

3.) Call Offensive Fouls. The NBA needs to start looking at the offensive players whose sole purpose is to get the defensive player up in the air to draw a foul. I see it all the time. The ball handler will fake pump, wait until his opponent leaves his feet, and then proceed to lunge towards him like some leaping gazelle, drawing a gutless foul. Ridiculous tomfoolery.

  • Suggestion: Charge the ball handler with an offensive foul whenever he leaps into a defensive player to get to the foul line. End this nonsense!






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