My Take on Get Out

So I went to go see Get Out last weekend and I gotta say, it’s pretty damn amazing. Director Jordan Peele and his crew beautifully craft an intertwining mystery, leaving just enough food crumbs to keep the audience guessing, but stays just a beat ahead to keep us in suspense. I had the luxury of watching the flick with a primarily black audience, which given certain black stereotypes (a driving force of the film) seems rather contrary to some non-black viewers.( I am of Asian Caucasian descent, by the way.) Rather than getting upset at the untimely outbursts and random outlandish comments from audience members, the reaction at times felt necessary and somewhat inviting considering how the film was setup.

Get Out places us in the mindset of the main character, Christopher Washington who is about as chocolate as one can be, and dives us into a world of upsetting uncomfortableness that progressively gets worse all the way to the finish. The film does a great job of toying with our emotions and capturing our society’s (American society) fears and conceptions on race, racism, white elites, and shitty luck. But, by the end of the movie, the core of the “villains” is not about racism at all. It’s much, much worse. They, being the white elites, are more interested in body swaps and mind manipulation verses hating or demeaning an entire race. In the end, they just want to be black. And the way Peele plays with double meaning in these seemingly racist moments sprinkled throughout the film is ingenious.

There were flaws in the film, of course. Some moments felt like a stretch in realism. For instance, the jarring reactions of the puppet black characters, who were the vehicles for the old white people, were a little too zombie-like and played more on the side of fantastical eeriness than natural responses. It’s as if the characters themselves wanted Chris to believe they were under a trance, as if saying, “We are being hypnotized. Don’t you seeee?” Also, though satisfying, Director Peele definitely played on the whole vengeance against the evil white man fancy when Chris wiped out the entire family. It was a little over the top for my taste. For somebody who had never killed before (or presumably never killed),  our hero was more than willing the go on a murderous spree with no remorse. Granted he had just went through a traumatizing and Holy God fuck experience, where they were literally moments away from mind swapping his ass, but I’m still a little unimpressed by the typical movie kill them all conclusion. I mean, he didn’t feel anything as he brutally killed each family member? Just raw anger… But maybe that’s the point of it. Maybe, just maybe, there is a raw underlining (and not so underlining) emotion to the racial injustices brewing in this country. But what do I know, I’m just an asian white guy.

My rating: 4.7 stars on a 5 star rating. (with Braveheart being the lone 6 star)


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