What is all this God Stuff About Anyway?

Credit by: http://www.tv-serier.nu

Ahhh. Religion. Well, I’ve hit some of the big social faux paws already  *coughs* racism and a touch of *clears throat* politics,  so I might as well tackle this big boy.

So, the other day I was in EA, Emotions Anonymous (not to be mistaken with AA, a topic I’ll discuss at another time). Anyway, we were discussing serenity and how to surrender our will over to God or a higher power. It became a heated issue partially due to the fact that some of those in emotional distress may have at some point or another turned their backs to God or lost their faith in one. It happens. Life sucks. God sucks. I get it. At the other end of spectrum, there are those who thrust their whole belief system into God and feel that any stray from their religious journey would somehow crumble their entire infrastructure, emotions included. I understand this as well. I mean, faith heals all wounds right? So, it got me thinking… Who is right? What do I believe?

First off, I’m… well there’s no easy way to say this but… I’m an Agnostic. *GASP* I knowwww. I’m going straight to Hell, aren’t I? Maybe. If that’s what you choose to think… cool. But it’s my choice, NOT yours, you hypocritical judger whose very religion preaches non judgment and harmony. So, Fuck off! 🙂 I would like to add that I’m not an Atheist, which somehow gets lumped in with Agnostics as if they are similar or something. No. In my opinion, Atheists are just as retarded as the “Believers”.  I’m no more closer in NOT believing in a God as I am a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, or whatever faction that you wanna throw in there… Snake God perhaps? I live in the grays, right smack in the middle. I claim no religious deity or lack there of, but I do believe there is a God, of sorts, just not as we as humans see “IT” or could even fathom. The thing is… I’m not exactly sure what’s out there and I’m okay with it.

With such a belief, I sit back and watch the extremists go at it, passionately exclaiming what is right and wrong, everything from virgin Marys and God fearers to science and natural selection. There are religions who believe in the same “God” but fight because their Messiahs are different or believe one is still to come. And better still, even the ones who believe in the same exact Messiah battle it out amongst each other because they like their interpretation over the others.

“I’m right, ya Protestant prick!” – Boston Catholic, apparently 🙂

“What the Hell is a Catholic?” – Random Southern Baptist 😉

And while the fight is very real and understandable (I guess) I can’t help but think, “Who cares?” It doesn’t matter folks. Do you know what really, truly matters? You…

I’ll close with a scene from a TV movie series of the late 90’s called Merlin. It wasn’t a particularly great film but it had some brilliant concepts. In the epic showdown between Merlin the Wizard and his foe, Queen Mab the Sorcerer, Merlin finally outthinks her. He had lost every previous battle to her, losing his best friend and student, King Arthur and Merlin’s beloved, Nimue, in the process. Queen Mab and Merlin began their final duel with Mab hurling waves of magic at Merlin; he deflected them away, unscathed. Then, with all her might, Mab launched a massive fireball at him, he dodged, and a door shattered behind revealing an audience of patrons. In a simple act of disobedience, they all (Merlin included) turned their backs to her, ignored her pleas, and disclaimed her very existence. There was no more fighting. No more death. No name calling and no pointing figure.

Queen Mab was no more. It was a simple message but very powerful:

Believe in whatever the hell you want and leave the rest for everybody else. For you, your belief is true. It’s not for anybody else to judge nor is it for you prove or disprove; It’s just for you. Go find your Merlin… 🙂






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