My Alcohol and Drug Detox Experience

Last time on CG Lunar Anxiety Blogs…

I discussed not only how my anxiety and depression works, but also how deep into the rabbit hole I sunk. It was dark and terrifying, and I needed to get help. What happened…

*cue in theme song* (I’m thinking Walking Dead Theme here because why not)

It was on a Friday, sometime in late September, when I checked myself into a Veterans Affairs Hospital (ex military here). I stayed there through the next morning, listening to other patient’s stories and random screams throughout the night. Pleasant to say the least. But I managed. 😉 They ended up sending me to a drug detox center for some reason or another. I suspect it was because many people with my condition turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. I wasn’t of that variety, but off to the the detox center I went.

Detox Center Experience

Peachford Hospital was the name. The first day, a shrink asked about my conditions and then put me on some prescriptions, antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety medications (some I knew and others I had no bloody clue about). All I really remember was always feeling slightly subdued and sleepy as hell. Next, they put me on a strict schedule with the rest of the detox crew, starting the day at 6:00 a.m. sharp. They feed me, sent me to a handful of informational and other means of encouragement meetings. I was fed some more, attended some more meetings, and then they ended the day with with an AA (alcoholics anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous) meeting. It was only for a week, but it seemed like 3. Complaining became the norm, but it was all 100% needed. I am deeply grateful that I had a week to reflect and not worry about the day to day stresses of life management. I could just focus on my own shit. It was… perfect.

What did I get out of it?

– I learned to never be a drug addict. Ha. Jesus Hell. Just No. The shit some of the addicts had to go through was horrifically dreadful. Nope.

– I came to understand more about patience. It’s not necessary for everything to be solved at once. I don’t need to panic if I’m stressed or anxiety is on the rise. The solution will come when time permits. I now focus on acceptance, allowing the emotion to ride a little longer and see what my body is telling me.

– I also discovered that I have a voice. If I have a problem with something then let it out as soon as I can. Don’t put it on a shelf and let that b.s. ride.

– Lastly, I learned how to listen more. Now, I try to let others speak and make their peace versus just dish out some unwanted advice that they can give two shits about. It’s something I’m working on to be honest. Sometimes a little words of wisdom comes out… 🙂


It’s been nearly six months since that dreadful Friday in September, and I’ve learned a great deal. See ya next Monday on my journey towards recovery. 🙂

Next time on CGlunar Anxiety Blogs: What the Hell is EA?






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