What the Hell is Emotions Anonymous?

therapyWhat is Emotions Anonymous? I’m sure you’ve heard of AA and even NA, Narcotics Anonymous. But what is EA? Well, it kinda means what it says… it’s a place where people congregate and talk about their emotions and their lack of control over them. Members emotions can range from mild to severe, but in many cases their emotional state straddles the line of severity. Some addicts coming off heavy drugs attend these meetings (along side AA or NA), suffering from harsh emotions such as manic depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger and/or stress. Emotions they most likely buried, using drugs as a way to escape the intense feelings of fear or hopelessness.

Much of EA’s allure is its anonymity. It becomes a place of refuge, a chance to unload those overwhelming feelings into one spot with no care and most importantly no judgment. At EA we have a slogan: What happens at EA stays at EA. Ha. Much like Vegas, I suppose.

Honestly, I think many people can benefit from said group, even those without chronic mental conditions or drug addictions. The world might benefit, especially in today’s current social and political climate.

*Shrugs* …just a thought.


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